Reading Glove

Dispatches from Algiers is an interactive story experience using the Reading Glove in which the reader activates pieces of narration associated with physical objects by interacting with them using a technologically enhanced glove. Presented with a table containing ten historical artifacts, the reader must piece together the puzzle of the story by navigating through the collection of objects. As the story progresses, images on the table help the reader to know where to go next in order to correctly puzzle out the mystery. Dispatches from Algiers tells the story of a British espionage agent living in French-occupied Algiers in 1905, who is betrayed by his superiors and has to go on the run. There are three speaking characters in the story:

The Narrator: Our protagonist and viewpoint character.

James Walker: The man who recruited our main character into the service, and who handles all of his orders.

Hubert Laurent: The head of the French Intelligence Service in Algiers. Laurent feels exiled from a life of privilege and culture in Paris and is willing to betray his profession in order to return home.

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